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Harper Office has chosen to partner with the trusted and proven manufacturer SureSan, to bring you proven COVID-19 protection products.

Protecting people with innovative hygiene solutions

As a family owned company, the team at SureSan understand the critical importance of health and hygiene, within workforces and commercial operations. As industry specialists, SureSan has innovated to develop scienttifically proven solutions at the frontline of the hygiene, safety
and protection sectors for over 39 years.

Today, the trusted Suresan brand can be found in medical facilities, public washrooms and offices nationwide. Our solutions continue to support all industries, from medicine and biotechnology through to leisure and hospitality, by keeping workforces and customers safe and protected – always.

In choosing SureSan, you’re selecting a safe pair of hands to protect your team and those whom you serve through clean, germ-free environments. You’ll be partnering with a firm wholly committed to innovating on your behalf, to develop the ideal products and solutions to everyday health and safety challenges.

Hand sanitisers

SureSan hand sanitiser is a quick drying formulation that does not require water, leaving hands feeling clean and fresh. It is clinically proven to maintain skin health, with added vitamin E and
aloe to be kind on hardworking hands. It kills 99.9% of bacteria, featuring 70% alcohol to dispense with germs promptly. Provided in fully-recyclable plastic, our product is compliant with EN14476, EN1276:2019 and EN1500 standards.

Click here to view our full range of Suresan hand sanitisers.

Sanitiser spray

SureSan  sanitizer spray is an amazingly versatile spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria, leaving hands and surfaces clean and fresh. Suresan 70% alcohol sanitizer spray effectively disinfects on impact without any unsightly residue, making it perfect for vehicles, furniture, bags and much more. The can is fully recyclable, minimising adverse environmental impact too.

Click here to go straight to Suresan sanitiser spray.

Touchless dispenser

The Suresan range of touchless sanitiser dispensers have been specifically created to be reliable, unobtrusive and robust. The touchless dispenser is an ideal solution for dispensing either gel or soap sanitizer. Made of high-quality ABS material, the product can be mounted on the wall swiftly, using either the screws/wall plugs provided or by a sticky patch or skyhook.

Dispensing 0.45ml of gel with each use. Our dispensers are powered with AA batteries (not included). They come with a refillable bottle (1000ml) which can be refilled using a 5 liter tub, or 1000ml refill cartridge.

Click here to view our full range of Suresan automatic dispensers.

Manual dispensers

SureSan manual sanitiser dispensers are ideal for use with either our gel or liquid sanitizer products, delivering an accurate 0.45ml of product each time they are used.

Their robust ABS material makes them a durable and hard-wearing solution for effectively cleaning
hands in any environment. They’re ideal for multi-person and high foot-fall environments where
sanitizing is essential.

Click here to view our full range of SureSan manual dispensers.

Hand Wipes

SureSan universal antibacterial wipes are the ideal solution for sanitizing on the go. They come in a convenient size ideal to slip into a handbag, laptop bag or glove compartment. With SureSan wipes, you can be confident that you can handle whatever life throws at you, sanitizing swiftly and easily to combat germs and minimise the risk of infection.

Click here to view our SureSan antibacterial wipes.

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