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Who's hungry?

Coming together at mealtimes is such an intrinsic and crucial part of our social structure at work. Taking a welcome break with colleagues to share time and conversation for a while helps our relationships and mental wellbeing. Research strongly suggests we are more productive in a working day with social breaks.
Harper Offices’ design team can help you plan and execute delivery of a special space for your teams. Our access to services and products can help you deliver an entire bistro area from a blank canvass.
Our building services team can ensure you have the correctly laid out area with appropriate services, whilst our design team can help you create and complete the space in which you want your people to come together to eat and be social.
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Harper Office gives you access to Design and Build Services, backed up with experienced fit out teams and trade professionals.  We partner with many brand partners, Kinnarps, Assman, Senator, K2, Orange Box, Boss Design, Sven and many others.

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